Special Session II

Special Session II acib Connecting Regions – Croatia 

15th November 2017, 13:30 – 18:00, Saal 10

The European Union aims to strenghten the European regions. esib is the platform to discuss possibilities and develop perspectives for strong cooperations in central Europe. Therefore, at the 5th Croatian Austrian Science Day, we evolve new strategies and join forces and interests in the field of Industrial Biotechnology between Croatia and Austria. Click here for the detailed program.

Welcome Notes

Speaker affiliation
Bernd Nidetzky
Tome Antičić
State Secretary,
Siegfried Nagl
Horst Bischof
Vice Rector,

Croatian Speakers

Speaker affiliation title of presentation
Krešimir Pavelić
Department of Biotechnology
Austrian and Croatian Joint Venture: Development of Medical Devices for Clinical Use – from Bench to Bed
Rozelindra Čož-Rakovac
Scientific Centre of Excellence for Marine Bioprospecting
Vladimir Mrša
Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Development of New Biotechnology Tools by Engineering Yeast Cell Surface
Božidar Šantek
Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology
Biofuels Production from Renewable Raw Materials
Anita Slavica
Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology;
Croatian Society of Biotechnology
Production of High-Value Chemicals by Simultaneous Semi-Solid Substrate Saccharification and Fermentation (s5f)

Austrian Speakers

Speaker affiliation title of presentation
Nicole Borth
Department of Biotechnology
CHO in Times of -Omics: Systems Biology to Enhance an Established Production Platform
Heribert Insam
Institute of Microbiology
Biological Resource Management, Mycology and Soil Microbiology
Alois Jungbauer
Department of Biotechnology
Latest Advances in Purification Technologies: Process Intensification, Performance Prediction and Continuous Manufacturing
Robert Kourist
Institute of Molecular Biotechnology
Expanding and Exploring Natural Sequence Space – from Protein Engineering to Chemo-Enzymatic Cascade Reactions
Erich Leitner
Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry
Flavor and Off-Flavor in Food and Food Contact Material