Our Vision

esib – the European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology – is designed to be

  • a stage to meet and talk
  • a pivot for active exchange of news, ideas and trends
  • a hotbed for innovation
  • a cradle for fruitful cooperations
  • a cornerstone of new incentives

The esib is the European platform for communication and networking for industrial biotechnology.

esib has already established itself as one of the biggest biotech conferences in Europe and an international platform for industrial biotechnology in multiple contexts. The event not only covers science but also deals with industrial needs and hopes, economic demands, funding resources or political aspirations and still leaves space for networking and recreation. It encourages all protagonists of industrial biotechnology to think outside the box and in new comprehensive dimensions.

At the first event last year, “Design” was the guiding thread. In 2017, the esib focuses on “PRODUCTS & PRODUCTION” – What are the new promising trends in science and industry? How is the production process of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products going to change in the future? How can we as a society benefit from new, environmentally friendly innovations, and what are the expectation and challenges?

To answer these questions, the esib is uniting major contributors to European industrial biotechnology under one roof to learn from celebrated experts, executives and entrepreneurs, to get new inputs from politics and funding agencies and to develop profitable ideas with prospective partners.

We invite you to seize the opportunity to discuss vital questions and encouraging topics and to be on top of new insights and trends.